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About us

Trading for Development demonstrates how ethical business practices and high quality fashion can help to support some of the poorest communities in the world.  Linking the producers in these communities with leading fashion houses and top fashion universities, we encourage the growth and appreciation of traditional skills, and promote the marketing of fairly traded products worldwide.

TFD makes use of the wide range of traditional skills available to fashion designers around the world to supply desirable, luxury items such as alpaca knitwear, accessories and jewellery.  Our products often use traditional craft techniques, as well as natural fibres and dyes that minimise damage to the environment.  By only working with World Fair Trade Organisation members, we can ensure that all of our producers are certified and that there are no missing links in the supply chain.

Judith Condor-Vidal, founder of TFD, is an associate member of the WFTO, a founding member of the Ethical Fashion Forum, and a founding member of the Oxford Fair Trade Coalition, which helped make Oxford a Fair Trade city in 2004.  

TFD was founded in 2004, and has shown its collections at the Ethical Fashion Show in Paris, winning the La Redoute Ethical Award in 2006-2007.

Associate Member of the WFTO

Founding member of the Ethical Fashion Forum

Founding member of the Oxford Fair Trade


Winner of the La Redoute 2006-2007 Ethical Award

tfd Mission and Values

Trading for Development shows that ethical business practices and high-quality fashion products can coexist in ways that bring sustainable development to deprived areas of the world. We do this through enhancing traditional skills of producers, by building links with leading fashion houses and universities in Europe and marketing Fair trade products locally and worldwide.

1. Promotes Fair Trade Fashion

Subscribe to the Goals of the Fairtrade movement.

Follow the 10 principles of Fairtrade.

2. woven in SKILLS

From tfd over 40 WFTO, World FairTrade Organisation certified producers from around the


To promote skills and craftmanship of members of the World Fairtrade Organisation and artisans worldwide as we consider their skills part of the Common Good of Humanity and if not used and promote them these will disappear. Building a cartography of skills and capacities.

Promote skills craftmanship of members of World Fair Trade Organisation that we consider the Common Good.

 Support artisans developing tools.

To promote community development by supporting the artisans’ group and Fairtrade enterprises member of the WFTO with the organisation we work around the years.  Supporting their work towards producing laws for artisans in their own countries.  Artisan libraries, Bibliotecas rodantes, Translate (trends and colours)

Products are handmade.

3. tfd woven in DESIGN, Linking our producers with fashion design schools through workshops and training.

Tool Design for Sustainable Development

design that include circular economy principle so be able to encourage ideas of repair, reuse, recycle, regenerate

To inspire the new generation of UK designers to incorporate sustainability at the heart of what they do. Linking with Oxford Cherwell College, Brookes University, and others.

Awareness of circular economy


To design, develop, manufacture and market link with universities and design schools that work with principles of sustainability, circular economy.

4. tfd woven in SUSTAINABILITY

Building sustainable development goals in TFD practice.

5. tfd woven in OUR PHILOSOPHY Choosing tfd you are opting for an exceptional design while supporting Fair Trade. You are showing respect for the environment and making a difference for the people who made this item.


6. Promote TFD a sustainable business in Oxford that is linked with its community in Oxford.

7. To support consumers to make an ethical choice in their purchases.

8. To promote Environmental, Sustainable Development Goals, ethical values and circular economy in the city of Oxford and worldwide.

10. Acknowledge the Climate Crisis

  Course on Climate Change 2020 Oxford University

  Taking part in the green week 2021

11. Sustainable Development Goals.

12. Incorporate circular economy principles in the day to day of TFD.

13. Create jobs.

14. Change trade rules Supporting Fairtrade we are seeking to create greater equity in the international trade system. To subscribe to aims of and goals of the Fairtrade Foundation and WFTO.

15. Promote Fairtrade in the City of Oxford and worldwide.

18. Increase the number of companies, shops that stock Fairtrade products both in Oxford and in the UK.

19. To raise consumer awareness about fashion sustainability in Oxford and beyond.

20. To facilitate sustainability sourcing in Oxford and beyond Increasing the range of products available to the sustainable criteria. Engaging with suppliers and agents so that the Oxford and UK becomes leader in this area.

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